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Welcome to the Juniper Jammery

All Natural Jams and Marmalades with No Artificial Ingredients

At the Juniper Jammery we make our all natural Jams and Marmalades with NO added sugar, NO artificial sweeteners, and NO perservatives.

All we put in our jams is fruit, a little bit of honey, and a citrus based pectin. We let the fruit do the talking. It's about as simple and wholesome as you can get.

Our Jams are nothing like you will find in stores. Some of flavor combinations are so wierd that they work. While our Marmalades are NOTHING like tradtional marmalades because we use sweet fruit and any zest is ground down to a fine puree.

We grow most of the fruit we use ourselves, and anything we run short on we bring in from other local (to us) growers. It's the Juniper Jammery's goal to eventually be completely self sustainable on our fruit. Instead of a traditional farm, we grow our fruit on smaller "micro-groves" that we have through out southern California, all the way up to northern Arizonia.

We use a raw, local (to us) honey as our sweetener. Like our fruit, it is the Juniper Jammery's goal to use our own honey. We have tried and are continuing to learn to raise bees. Until then we buy our honey from a family owned and operated apiary.

Our delious jams can be purchased here, through our website, and shipped nation wide. We are also at a number of Farmer's Markerts and Fairs throughout southern California and northern Arizona. Check out our Show Schedule to see where we will be next. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook.

The Juniper Jammery new Lip Jams

The Juniper Jammery announces Lip Jams; all natural lip balms made with Jojoba Oil and Beeswax. The Lip Jams come in many of the same flavors as our jams. We do not use any essential oils, artificial flavors, or perservatives. We infuse the Jojoba Oil with the same ingredients that we use in our jams.

 Our Jams make great gifts for any occasion.

Sample Gift Baskets Sample Gift Baskets Sample Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are always a nice surprise. Check out our Gift Shop Gallery for samples of Gift Baskets. Each basket is individually created and each basket is unique.

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